Pat’s pad, which he affectionately calls "Coop De Villa", is located in Sweet Home, Alabama (yes, there really is such a place). Sweet Home is about 90 miles upstream from Muscle Shoals, Alabama - the legendary "Hit Recording Capital of the World". When Pat’s not busy flying Boeing 747 freighters all over the world he can usually be found hanging out in Muscle Shoals, Gothenburg Sweden, or at his studio on the grounds of "Coop De Villa".

Pat lived and worked in the Shoals area from 1985 to 1991 and has recorded there many times since then. But in regards to Gothenburg he had this to say: "I felt a little like Jed Clampett when I first discovered the rich pool of musical talent residing in that city. I grew up in close proximity to Muscle Shoals, so I knew all about their musical legacy. Gothenburg however was an unexpected and pleasant surprise. So I feel doubly lucky to have had an opportunity to make music with so many gifted musicians and singers from both sides of the Atlantic."

Regardless of who or where it comes from, in the end, it's always about the music. And the bottom line is this: Pat and his musical partners in rhyme are makin’ blues and country, a little bit of soul, southern gospel, and rock and roll. And this is the real deal y’all.

Drop by anytime. The lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.